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Cypress CapSense CY8C20 capacitive sensing with Arduino

For those of you that are looking for cheap, alternative capacitive sensing solutions, here is the CapSense chip from Cypress that I’ve been using for my recent music controller projects. Below you can find the test code Nan Zhao and I put together for CY8C20 a four-input interface. It’s relatively straightforward to use compare with other capacitive… Read More

Electronic circuit design and component selection

Hello class (and world!), Here’s my lecture slides for  MAS.S63: Design for DIY Manufacturing. Enjoy! I tried very hard to put links to all the images I got from the internet. If I missed any reference, please let me know. Electronic circuit design and component selection In this lecture, I talked about the following things – • Test circuit • Component Selection… Read More

.NET Gadgeteer beginner’s guide

This article is for people who have never used .NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio or building things with .NET Gadgeteer before like me. I documented each step after receiving my kit and everything I did to start a project and have a simple program set up and running (the whole process took about 1.5… Read More

How to read a resistor’s value…

Okay, I know it’s really basic and you probably have an app on your iPhone for it. But I still cannot help to share the great discovery I made last week. Before that, let’s cover the bases. There are color bands on a through hole resistor and the numbers are arranged in the same way as the… Read More