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Lost in Translation

It was an exciting idea for me, when I was asked to translate the cover story of Scientific America in July 2014 written by my advisor Joe Paradiso and my friend Gershon ( Also I get the write about my research as a standalone article. It is exciting because I have never thought about any of… Read More

Midnight Madness Returns

Hello world. Long time no see. If there anything that’s worth blogging (at all), about what I’ve been up to post-PhD, MM is probably on top of my list, since I forgot to blog on Sep 1st about how I felt waking up not as a student for the possibly first day of my life.… Read More


After getting my awesome new camera, I decided to build a Steadicam for my future home-made video career. I started with this DIY tutorial –   After a week of getting parts from Home Depot, e-bay and I entered this state urrg. maybe I will make a video and cry for help soon.